walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: horse, Applebee's, phone calls (plural!)

Kids had therapeutic riding today, so they rode two days in a row (show was yesterday). Kind of exciting! T. even remembered to bring the helmet with him yesterday to donate (he outgrew the old one, and we seem to be buying A. Everything Pink so the hand-me-down opportunities were limited).

In theory, I have two phone calls on Sunday, both to friends I have known since I was a teenager. And I actually got to have _both_ of them! Which was awesome. K. and I used to be next door neighbors, went to the same high school, then lost touch in college before reconnecting after college. I have fond memories of helping get balloons for her first child's baby shower -- and now that baby is going to Evergreen, which is approximately the coolest thing imaginable and the perfect place for her. Despite having known each other That Long, we still always find interesting things to talk about. I. and I met in college, lived together for about a year, and back when I used to drive all over the country on road trips, she was the one person I always made sure to visit. She eventually settled down back in the region she began in -- inconveniently, I am now on the opposite coast. But it's been a real pleasure getting to have long convos with her again, because she has been intelligently aware of and involved in Democratic politics longer than anyone else even remotely close to me in age. And I don't mean by one or two election cycles, either. She has a completely unique perspective, of course, because no one else gets interested -- and stays interested in -- politics that consistently, while continuing to be a basically sane person. In what may be the weirdest Presidential election cycle ever, she's a joy to talk to.

I picked up the pbook I've been Not Reading for months (_Monopsony in Law and Economics_). I was afraid I was going to have to start over at the beginning, but it turns out that if you can manage to wrap your brain around buying power index (BPI) once, it does not readily fall _back_ out of your brain. Who would have figured?
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