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Today's Activities Include: gymnastics, horse, syrup, makeup

Today, I took A. to gymnastics. We left slightly early, to be sure we showed up in time for her horse show. She normally has therapeutic riding on Sunday, but today, the stable did a show for the regular programs and therapeutic riding. The weather was warm, but not as warm as yesterday; it felt at least a little like fall.

After the horse, R. took T. up to Mason, NH to go get some maple syrup (grade B), because we were Out. Like, entirely out. Very sad. We love our grade B, which I learned about when my mother-in-law did the grade B cleanse thing (lemons, hot sauce, grade b and I forget what else). She left me with the rest of a jug of grade B and I've never looked back since (I never did the cleanse thing, but I sure like that stuff on pancake, and it has replaced honey in my salad dressing).

A. and I went home, and when the boys got back, I went out for a walk. A little while after that, I took T. off to Crossroads Cafe for dinner, and we stopped at CVS to pick up a few things (which turned into a lot more things, when, in my post manhattan state, I thought it would be a great idea to buy makeup), then to Dunkin' Donuts for munchkins for A. (she asked for them when I called T. my little love munchkin).

Once home, I broke into the makeup to see if I still knew what I was doing. I am _very sad_ that in the years since I last bought makeup at a drugstore (I bought a few rounds of makeup on Amazon, in heavy consultation with EWG's Skin Deep database, but this time around, I am just going fuck it and buying Cover Girl for reasons), colored mascara has completely ceased to be available. Nothing on the planet like purple mascara. *sigh* I had to do a little checking around to find out what the current brow trend was (don't pluck, do comb/brush and slightly shape, and darken and thicken them up if you need to), but otherwise my approach is apparently so conservative it required little adjustment. I went darker on the eye liner than I was going a few years ago. Kinda fun! Of course, while R. does actually notice, he is almost completely indifferent, so there's absolutely zero payoff for doing this and I will likely return to my naked face ways.
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