walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: getting up later, horse, generalized crankiness peaks

Today was Fall Back, so at least I got an extra hour's sleep. I don't know why, but this last week was bizarrely awful in small but obnoxious ways: cutting off the tip of my thumb while chopping lettuce for a salad, slamming my fingers in the car door (everything is healing up great), twitchy inner ear and a general crankiness that peaked today.

We did not have a playdate. I missed my Sunday morning call because my friend had to work, so I feel _really_ bad for her, working on a Sunday morning. We all went out to Applebee's for lunch, and for whatever reasons, the kids are both arguing with each other a lot and asking me questions constantly, and R.'s primary response is to interrupt them (he doesn't seem aware he is interrupting them) to tell me jokes that I don't find very funny (they aren't offensive -- I just don't get them so I'm not laughing).

The horse went fine, but then I needed to get T. a new helmet, because he's already outgrowing the Troxel medium that I bought him in April 2014. Pegasus apparently closed a while back, which is also fine -- I'd rather get stuff online anyway, but occasionally I feel like, well, if we go to the store in person, maybe we could try it on. Like that ever works with T. anyway (actually, it's starting to work).

Things got a little better around dinner time, possibly because I just gave in and had a drink and a burger in hopes I'd feel better (I did). I'm looking forward to Monday, and while Halloween was fun (T. was Thor and A. was Doc McStuffins Pet Vet), and they went trick or treating with no temper tantrums and we made it around the block (albeit with the assistance of a wagon for A. and the Taga for T.), it was utterly exhausting. We got about the right amount of candy (80% of what we bought was distributed -- if you get too close to all of it gone, you wind up giving away stale candy which just isn't very fun). No one asked for or even about the teal pumpkin project stuff (we had two pumpkins out and a tray set up with LED finger lights and a bunch of other stuff to give away).

Anyway. It's all put away now, and the kids are bathed without any major arguments. While there is no school on Tuesday, there is, mercifully, a full day on Monday (followed by their first swim lessons in months).
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