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Today's Activities Include: going out to dinner

We got both babysitters this evening, but I had not made a dinner reservation. A. went to AMD after school with R. to trick or treat in the cubes. We turned her over to the sitter when they came home. T. was with the other sitter already. I had thought we might attempt Salt Box Kitchen, with a fail over to the bar at Woods Hill Table, but it was 6:15 before we were heading out the door, so we tried Rapscallions in town. Alas, everyone decided to go out Friday night instead of Saturday night and even the high tops in the bar were reserved. We went to Red Raven instead. After that, we drove over to Hudson to check out Medusa, where All The Beers Are Ludicrously Hoppy. Which is fine. They will sell you a 3 oz pour -- not as part of a flight, even, just by itself! Which was good, since I'd already had a Manhattan and a Sidecar and while I'd eaten a fair amount and some time had gone by, really, there are limits.

The musician was good. The costume contest ensured continuous visual amusement. My fave costume for the evening: a homemade costume with a vintage zippered sweater (horizontal stripes on the top half) and a suspended diamond over the young man's head. I was puzzled, and R. didn't have a theory, so I walked over to the table The Sim was sharing with a Monk and asked. D'oh! Brilliant costume -- if I had played The Sims at any time after the 1990s (or if I had been younger and the game had left the kind of impression that games used to leave when I was young, like Space Invaders or Pong), I'm sure I would have gotten it faster.

There was only one pair of potentially offensive costumes. The rest were pretty good: a firecracker, a can of beer (it was Heady Topper, according to R.), plus the usual -- a Medusa, Thor, some Indiana Jones, a Boba Fett. Oh -- FroZone was awesome. Looked homemade, too.
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