walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: shut fingers in car door, A. predicts apple system status will be yellow

First off, my fingers are fine. And I have now identified a New Coolest Feature of my i3. If you shut three of your fingers in the back car door along the top of the window (I don't know _why_ I'm having such a clumsy couple of days -- I just am. It's why I'm trying to avoid doing anything. Anything at all. Because when I do anything, even the most basic things that I do every single day, something awful happens), the gasket is so thick, that you can pull your fingers out without reopening the door. I won't say my fingers didn't hurt, but _they didn't even bruise_. No blood. No broken skin. No bruise. Bizarre. I love my car.

For unknown reasons, we can't watch anything we've purchased in the iTunes store (movies or TV episodes). We tried one iPad and two of the Apple TVs. I called support, because I've never seen the "This Feature Is Temporarily Unavailable. Please Try Again Later" page. I restarted. I power cycled the main router. Nothing. System status says everything is fine. Support dude says there were some store problems earlier today (but later than this morning before school, when things were working fine). *shrug* He suggested calling later in the evening (after his shift was over, obvs!), but I probably won't bother until tomorrow, because it sucks trying to get any streaming stuff to work in the late afternoon/early evening -- too much competition for bandwidth.

Anyway, early on in this process, before calling support, A. said, "I bet it will be yellow", and I realized she remembered us looking at the Apple System Status page. Wise beyond her years, that one is.

ETA: I've changed the bandage on my thumb, which means I had to look at it. The edges of what got chopped off are all white, but everything looks and smells okay, so rebandaged it up. R. took another look at it, and he now agrees that I didn't get far if at all into the dermis -- after seeing the edges of the cut, he now thinks that a lot of what got lopped off was callous. I believe this is true, because I have very, very thick skin in a lot of places. Literally. (Of course, figuratively, I take offense at absolutely Everything, hence my Issues with, well, Everything, but that's sort of like, I have a literally small mouth, but I talk non-stop. If only all that metaphorical shit lined up in a reasonable way!).
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