walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: swimming, scheduling

A. really wanted to hang out with the babysitter, and T. was not okay with that, even tho A. promised not to fight. So the babysitter and I cooked up a plan. She would tell us what they were going to do, and then A. and I would just "happen" to do the same things. Plan was: Concord Teacakes followed by swimming.

We actually beat them to cupcakes because they ran an errand first. Because A. does not have her green band yet, I had to get into the pool with A. -- and I can't do laps because I'm supposed to stay near her even tho now she is so tall the top few inches of her head are above water when she stands in the pool. Fortunately, their swimming instructor stopped by to chat, and we were able to schedule the next round of lessons, so hopefully in a few months, A. will have her green band and we won't have this issue any more.

After swimming, A. and I went home, where she ate a huge amount, surprising R., but I was like, hey, she went swimming. She always eats a ton after that, and I used to be the same way.
Tags: daily activities

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