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Rail Trail Flatbread Company and New City Microcreamery in Hudson

Today was a busy day, at least in the afternoon. We had a scheduled playdate, that went off really well. A.'s babysitter showed up and they went off to have mild adventures. T.'s babysitter canceled, due to illness earlier in the day that forced her to leave her regular job (the kind of illness that you really don't want someone to work while having because you just don't want what she's got). Fortunately, our evening plans did not involve a reservation for 2, so we took T. along to the Rail Trail Flatbread Company in Hudson, MA, which was supposed to have good food and great beer.

They were very accommodating of my allergies. It was busy, even tho we were there well before 6 p.m. And loud. I got the fish and chips, pan seared instead of fried (milk dredging). Tasty, altho I think I'll try something else next time. T. said his grilled cheese was good. R.'s pulled pork was awesome, with pumpkin slaw. Yum! R. got a Barmy and it was heavenly, however, a whisky drink won out for me: the Fall Back has mole bitters and a very orange-y triple sec. It was described by the server as tasting like a chocolate orange and, no lie, it really did. Amazing.

For dessert, we went across the street to the Microcreamery (which I am sorry to say I've been sort of mocking whenever I drive through Hudson. Never Again). The coffee was good. The vegan (made with coconut milk) vanilla was fantastic. T. finished his ice cream so I assume it was good -- he got mint chip.

Great value for the experience at both places. I look forward to returning. Especially for the Fall Back.
Tags: restaurants
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