walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: birthday party, bicycling, trampolines, gymnastics

In the morning, I took A. to gymnastics, at Planet Gymnastics in Acton. R. took T. to ride bikes in the woods, followed by a visit to the trampoline park, which is apparently a floor of trampolines which is sort of weirdly awesome. Meanwhile, A. and I had lunch at home (she wanted me to pretend it was a restaurant, but did not want to go to an actual restaurant), followed by a trip to Learning Express to get a present for the birthday party. Then we went to Jump On In in Lowell, for the birthday party.

So, for those keeping track, members of my immediate family visited three separate locations in industrial strips that included Stuff To Jump On. _Three_. Sort of a record for us, I think.
Tags: daily activities

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