walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: PvZ2, gymnastics

A. is fascinated by PvZ2. She keeps asking me to play levels. And since she asks me to buy harder levels, often this is impossible for me to succeed at. Which I hate. So I insisted we return to the beginning, and play it in order so I would have some chance of success. It is a lot more fun this way.

T. had gymnastics today. We've been going to Starbucks for the last few weeks between school letting out and gymnastics. I bring my lunch and we eat on table outside. I forgot my fork today and they kindly gave me a plastic one. I always ask for my soy mocha no whip in the smallest size they have, and then they say, a tall? And I go, if that's the smallest, okay. Well, today they offered a short, which is what they used for the kids' hot chocolate that T. has. So from now on I'm asking for a short to see what happens. Much better size; the tall is way too much.
Tags: daily activities

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