walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

T. and I agree: the Hozier album is excellent

Like everyone else on the planet exposed to current music, I'd been hearing a couple songs off the album for a little while, but until I was sitting at Applebee's for Sunday lunch with T. recently and thinking how much "Take Me to Church" sounded like Elton John, I hadn't bothered to track down the artist. Once we realized we knew other songs on the album, I got the whole thing and we've been listening to it (me while walking, both of us in the car) more or less since.

T. and I agree on a lot of music, but only occasionally do we both go nuts over something at the same time (Fun., wow, did we LOVE Fun., and I continue to be a huge Nate Ruess fan). I don't know what it means when a 10 year old boy and a 46 year old woman like the same music at the same time, but if that sounds promising to you, give it a try.
Tags: music
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