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Today's Activities Include: not going to book group, loaner car

I called Sudbury BMW this morning shortly after my daughter headed off to school, in hopes that I could drop my car off a little earlier than the planned 10:30 a.m. After sitting on hold for a while and talking to several different people, I was told I'd be called back with an answer. That call happened shortly after 10 a.m., while I was driving to Sudbury. And that person asked if I'd ever been to that dealer before, which leads me to believe she thought she was scheduling a new appointment. Yeah, okay. Remember what I said about we're at NAIRU if not past it in Massachusetts and NH? Add this as a data point. FWIW, when I scheduled the check up, I was initially told it would be a two hour wait no loaner, and an _oil change_ (which honestly seemed a little mysterious, given it is an i3 Rex); that was corrected in a same day call back.

So I dropped the car off and, bizarrely, got an i3 loaner -- I think it's a base model i3 Rex (it's definitely a Rex), black. So no speed database, no built in traffic, no draw the letters and numbers thing, etc. Really makes you appreciate your own car, these loaners do. I tried called around 3 p.m., to find out what the ETA on the car was, but wound up in voice mail because no one was answering the phones in service (see, we are seriously at full employment around here). I got a call a little later saying it would be ready in an hour, they were charging it, and I was like, screw that, let's just go over there and get the damn thing I can charge it at home.

The CEL problem this time around is, when the range extender engine comes on, there's an attempted software check of some diagnostics on the engine. That attempted check is suffering a communications failure. No evidence of any problem with the underlying functionality. Software fix is supposed to be available in a month-ish, so I'll be going back then (I'll need to have the state inspection done then, anyway; maybe I can get them done at the same time. THAT would be awesome). I took T. with me, and he was eating popcorn, so the really nice looking, vacuumed interior is now full of popcorn bits.

I am skipping book group, because I am exhausted, coughing and sneezing, and I sort of think it's a head cold rather than just allergies, and I don't want to get all my friends at book group sick.

ETA: If you are reading this thinking, what check engine light problem? What do you mean, this time around? You've been driving around with an intermittent CEL and not calling or bringing it in? Fuck yeah, I have. This is a chronic problem with i3s. It's sort of like all those false positives we had with the smoke alarms. The only thing in the world that can train me to ignore an alarm ... is way too many false alarms.
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