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Recent Activities Include: Moonstones, ISideWith correction, horse

Yesterday evening, R. and I went to Moonstones in Chelmsford. It is not a new restaurant. It is next to a Best Western. To be fair, Bamboo (awesome) is next to a Residence Inn in Westford. And Papa Razzi and the sushi place we like in Concord are both next to a Best Western which used to be a HoJo's. But still -- the sort of things that gives one pause. (Other things that give one pause: the view out the front window of Craigie on Main.)

Anyway. Plenty of parking. Huge restaurant, broken up into a lot of pieces: raw bar, cocktail bar, seating portion for the cocktail bar, a few dining rooms. There may have been a sushi bar separate from the raw bar which I missed. They have great reviews on TripAdvisor and on Yelp. And they deserve all of them. They self-describe as "global tapas", so it's small plates from around the world, but not a lot of fusion. So while there is rainbow chard on the menu, and duck "sliders", and szechuan eggplant (the dim sum dish), there isn't some Asian take on gumbo or anything like that. The drinks were excellent. My "Moonhattan" was Very Cherry infused, and had _three_ of the good cherries. R.'s asian pear drink had the "normal" cherries and he says it worked really well in that drink. We had a wine we intend to go find a case of because it was That Good (Hook & Ladder from Russian River: http://www.hookandladderwinery.com/ -- a cab sav/sangiovese blend, IIRC -- YES, T., if you are reading, I fully expect another chenin blanc joke when I see you at the horse!).

We fully plan on going back, altho I think the next Chelmsford restaurant I want to try (seriously: this town has Fishbones, Moonstones and Brick House, not to mention every franchise known to humanity) is Nobo (not Nobu, no, that would be cook, wouldn't it?).

Last Friday morning, I sent an email to ISideWith regarding the VERY out of date sourcing for Donald Trump's position on drug legalization (1990 article) and a link to a Hannity interview on C-Span showing his position as of June. "Taylor" at ISideWith sent me an email this morning (Sunday) saying thank you we updated it, and THEY DID! They found a transcript, which is a lot more convenient than the video link I pointed them at. I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about the questions they have decided to include; if I decide I think they've left some important stuff out, I may send some suggestions along. In the meantime, I'm cautiously in favor of this survey/site as a way to Better Understand the Positions and Candidates.

I will update this shortly; I need to go put a kid to bed now.
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