walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

I Can't Vote in Seattle, So Please Vote On My Behalf to Raise My Taxes

A friend who _does_ live in and thus _can vote in_ Seattle points voters to The Stranger's endorsements. One of the endorsements is one I'd particularly like to draw attention to.


Proposition 1, they want you to vote "Approved" and _I_ want you to do that, too, so that my property taxes will go up.

"As Constantine puts it: "You pay dearly for the pound of cure, for want of an ounce of prevention." So he wants you to approve $65 million a year over six years in new property taxes—stop whining, that works out to only about $56 per year for the average King County property owner, you stingy fuck—in order to fund early childhood interventions. Things like helping needy first-time moms with nutrition, medical care, a safe place to have their child, and nurses who visit the new family to help assure the new child has a decent (not deluxe, just decent, you stingy fuck) first two years of life."

Please vote "Approved" on Proposition 1 in the City of Seattle part of your ballot. PLEASE RAISE MY TAXES.

For anyone sitting there wondering, I mean every single word in this post. There is no sarcasm here. PLEASE APPROVE PROPOSITION 1. Should be a duh thing, honestly.
Tags: politics

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