walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: photos, trip reports, taxes, lunch, walking, recycling iPhone 5

I uploaded my phone photos from the C-weekend trip to North Conway. I also posted the daily trip reports from the weekend. That was _after_ finishing my portion of the taxes. There wasn't much -- fix errors and put in the real numbers from two K-1s that had only produced estimates back in April (and boy, those estimates weren't very accurate). R. still has a bit more to do, but it's looking good. I walked with M. for a mile and then did the 3 mile loop. I went to lunch at Julie's Place. I dropped my iPhone 5 at the UPS store in the BrightStar packaging. If I'd done more research, I might have opted for Verizon's recycling offer, over the Apple Store suggestion to use BrightStar. Verizon offered $25 more than BrightStar, so if you are looking to unload a phone, and care about that amount of money, you might want to do a little more looking around than I did.

It's been a productive day, altho it has had some moments (getting confused about where to find my insurance on the condo).

There's some great fall foliage in town right now. I took a picture while out on my walk and updated my cover photo on FB, which had been bare trees against a bright blue sky from early spring.

My Dutch lesson was canceled today, which was just as well. Tomorrow is T.'s half day, so less time to work on things like taxes, and Thursday is the 15th when they are due.
Tags: daily activities

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