walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: we depart for New Hampshire

Our last trip north for the season -- it's closing weekend for Storyland in Glen, NH and Santa's Village in Jefferson, NH (or, C-weekend: closing weekend or Columbus Day weekend, as you prefer). We picked up the kids from school a little early (note to us: A.'s teacher wants a note next time about early pickup) and headed north. The new rest areas are now open, and there's a Common Man Hi-Way Diner at one of them. Maybe we'll try that next year. We had dinner at the Common Man in Concord, NH; I had the citrus manhattan. It was yummy. The rest of the trip up to the Residence Inn in North Conway was uneventful. We went to bed early.

R. worked on taxes a bit today, but still has a little more to do. I still have a couple K-1s to work on when we return. We are really cutting it close this year.
Tags: daily activities

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