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Today's Activities Include: holiday planning, walking

Today I went on the nature walk. That was the longest walk I've done in about three days; the last two days were one mile only with my walking partner because there is -- was -- something weird going on with my left leg, maybe the ITB, maybe part of a quad, I dunno. Anyway. Problem seems resolved? Hopefully? Did two trips around the one mile block as well, and no problems. So, yay, and with luck it will not recur.

I made an effort in the form of a phone call and a FaceTime call to figure out what we will be doing for T-weekend. The answer is ... we think we will know in about a week, which is fine by me. I always make the hotel reservations a year in advance in both of the places we might conceivably spend T-weekend, and cancel the one we don't need so no worries. I invited my mother-in-law to join us for Xmas, and added a hotel reservation for her on the off chance she takes us up on the offer. Dunno if she will.

T.'s canoe trip went well. I forgot about play therapy this week, so we were super late after the therapist called us (last week, _she_ forgot it was at our house; this week it just fell out of my head when we were supposed to leave, despite a reminder on my Watch and everything. Def the kind of week I am having. *sigh*).

I switched allergy meds about a few days ago from cetirizine to loratadine, and I seem to be sleeping somewhat better as a result. (In fact, the leg issue may well have been poor recovery associated with terrible sleep because of allergies. Certainly wouldn't be the first time.)

For the evening walk today, I went to grab my headset and realized, oh, hey, I haven't paired this with the new phone yet. Drat. Used the earbuds, which are really nice earbuds, but I sure prefer over the head in general and especially when walking.

I have a new genealogical research puzzle which I am excited about. And a friend asked me to come up with a referral for a professional and I successfully asked a bunch of friends to help me do that and everyone really worked hard and we came up with something good and may come up with more. Wonderful people have done this for me in the past; it made me feel _really good_ to be able to do it for someone else.

However, between the new phone, new iPad for A., outfitting T. with a bunch of outdoors clothes, holiday planning and everything else, I feel like I'm being nibbled to death by small tasks. So I'm going to start bringing the to-do lists back up to date again. I'd sort of let it slide for a few weeks, and I can really tell I'm starting to feel frazzled and drop things again.
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