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Today's Activities Include: technical clothing, gymnastics

Tomorrow, T. is going canoeing with his class, so he needed gear. Obvs, we have waterbottles, sunglasses, a hat. However, there were some other things that he conspicuously did not have, such as appropriate footwear. I picked him up at school today and we went to the Littleton Starbucks. He finished his lunch outside and I ate some of mine, after we got drinks inside. Then he realized I forgot his shorts for gymnastics, so we hurried home, got the shorts and the list of things for canoeing, and went to gymnastics. After that, we stopped at EMS, where we bought him a pair of Keen (IIRC) hikers, not shoes, but the lighter end of the boots -- they don't carry kids' sizes, but we found something that worked and looked good.

None of the clothes were going to work, tho, so we went to Kmart, where we found a poly hoodie and some poly pants with enough thickness to maybe be warm.

At home, I found the dry bag backpack I've never used (bought to take to a Disney waterpark, but we still haven't been to a waterpark *shrug*), and put the hoodie and his rainjacket in it, along with sunglasses, a hat, a set of small binoculars I've had since R. and I did our through hike in the Olympics. T. and I went to Subway to pick up a kids' meal for his lunch tomorrow. R. got out a couple water bottles. I think he is Ready To Go. On previous trips, he has been distressed with the rules (closed toe shoes, type of thing) and this set of rules is by far the most detailed, but for whatever reason, he was very on board with just going down the list and doing it all. And he even understands he has to get off one bus and onto another when he gets to school, so he can't do any of his morning routine at school (wash face, brush teeth) but must do it at home instead.

Good news: after this shopping, he's all set to go hiking or orienteering, which is pretty cool, too.
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