walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: lunch, phone calls, no Dutch lesson

My Dutch lesson was cancelled today, so, free day! Okay, sort of. I _should_ be doing taxes, but I'm not. I'm also not doing much walking today because of some sort of weird overuse thing going on that we thought was maybe IBT, but now are wondering if maybe it's some part of the quad. I _feel_ like I don't actually exercise enough to generate this kind of problem, but I am Middle Aged now, so who knows. Maybe I am fragile and need a rest day or something.

I took myself out to lunch and went to Benjarong. Two gentleman were seated at the table next to me and as they crossed my vision I immediately cataloged them as My People, I Just Don't Know Them Yet and continued to read on my kindle. I really was going to ignore them, but then one of them started talking about where he lived in Ballard and I'm like, okay, FINE, yes, you are my people and now we will meet. Turns out the one guy lives about 7 blocks due west of where I used to live in the mid 90s. The other guy is out here now, but used to live in Bellevue. That second guy works at the same company my husband does (and actually knows my husband in that slight way that you get to know most of the people who work for a medium sized branch of a company when you share a building with a cafeteria in it). Boy, when my My People Detector Pings, it is correct.

I also picked up the kids' pictures that I had framed. I got A.'s trio up on the wall by dint of taking down two smaller pictures and popping the new, larger one on the nails already in the wall. I'm gonna wait until T. gets home to discuss placement of it with him, because he can be a little tetchy.

It is a beautiful fall day in New England, just a little too warm to be perfect for fall, but I'm sure all the people mourning the end of summer are pleased.
Tags: daily activities

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