walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Wonder what's up with HP and the Silk Road? Heated Cars!

Okay, okay. I know this is old news. But I missed it. Some years back, NYT covered HP's efforts to get a rail line between China and Europe to run more efficiently/faster/with less shrinkage. But it runs through territory that gets _extremely_ cold in the winter (-50 C. Ouch.), and that's tough on unheated containers.


So now they are heating containers. Cool!

I'm specifically looking for HP logistics stuff, because I think that's where HP's future lies (as a transport company, not as a small electronics company), and I'm wondering if I'm totally full of it.

ETA: Here's the NYT article from a couple years ago -- I don't know if I noticed at the time it was Keith Bradsher, altho I should have. R. has no recollection whether I noted it.

Tags: transportation

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