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New movie theatre near me! Soon!


"O’neil’s state-of-the-art cinema will feature stadium seating and be home to the largest and widest HD screen in Boston’s MetroWest/I-495 Tech Corridor. Moviegoers will enjoy Hollywood blockbusters from luxurious all-leather recliners while dining on gourmet concessions from the nine-screen cinema’s specialty health-conscious menu."

Projected to open May 2016, but I know how this stuff works. I'll be stunned and amazed if the first movie opens in this thing before a year from now. Please, please, please prove me wrong!

This location is about a 15 minute drive from where I live, so Maynard Fine Arts is still closer at under 10 minutes away. However, Maynard Fine Arts has fewer screens (currently 2; still restoring the third screen) and a much more limited schedule. But O'neil will be half the time it takes to get to Burlington for a movie, never mind Solomon Pond mall, Lowell or Nashua.

My husband is skeptical that this will lead to increased movie going for us. I told him I'd probably go see a couple movies a month by myself while the kids were in school, if the distance/schedule conflict wasn't so severe. Here's where we find out if I'm right.

I predict that we will see more movie theatres return to closer in suburbs/neighborhoods, as more families are living in closer in suburbs/neighborhoods. It was all about moving further out up until the bust, but that hasn't been how things have worked post-bust.

ETA: Link fu now about brownfields mixed use developments which include luxury cinemas (basically, the trend I am hypothesizing):


Related concept, not identical:


This looks more traditional?


And now for something completely different: small town theaters for Russia that show home grown product. Made from shipping containers.


Florida development confuses me. The mall in question dates from 1992 but is just now getting a theater?

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