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Today's Activities Include: forgotten home project! mailing DVDs

This morning, A. told me, _after the van was already in the driveway_ that she had something she was supposed to finish this weekend. Because we went to a concert Friday and left as soon as the sitters arrived (basically, when the kids came home from school) and then were preoccupied with birthday party on Saturday (and gymnastics), I noticed there was a pile of stuff on the kitchen table but otherwise completely ignored it. I figured Monday morning was soon enough to sort through it and put stuff in recycling.

Alas! There was a huge birthday week poster project for A. to complete! Looked like potentially an hour or more of work. *sigh* A. didn't want to send it in a day late, so I emailed the teacher in the resource room explaining it, and A. agreed that it would be okay to do the work at school in the resource room. Hooray for resource room and aides! (Hooray for IEPs. Hooray for special education. Hooray for federal law requiring accommodations for autism, because when autism intersects with something falling through the cracks it can get really bad). Resource room teacher was totally cool with it. Aide was super helpful. A. was apparently flexible. *fingers crossed*

In decluttering, I mailed three boxed sets of Muppet Show (original) DVDs to a friend, to see how she feels about them as an adult (vs. the new version of the show). My assertion has been that most critics of the new show have childhood memories of the old show and if they rewatch it as adults, they'll hate the same stuff in the old show that they don't care for in the new one. Here's an actual test case! I can't be a test case, because I was so traumatized by attempting to rewatch the old show that I can't bring myself to watch the new one. Puppeteers. Oy.
Tags: daily activities, decluttering
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