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Miscellaneous News of the Day and Daily Activities

Orange faced guy resigns effective end of October. Looks like McCarthy will be the new Speaker altho we won't know for a while. Ryan has already turned the gig down; Hensarling is stalling. Clean CR probably more likely now, altho how long it will extend still up in the air.

Market responded favorably to Yellen's speech last night. And then Orange faced guy resigned, causing massive frenzy of uncertainty. Won't know for a bit, but will probably close down overall.

I attempted to buy a new iPhone today. I had an appointment. Ha! Burlington Mall Apple Store was running a half hour late and I didn't have the time. Plus, I'd already spent a few hours at home doing very little waiting for someone to show up to change the gas meter (MA state law says must be done very seven years whether it needs it or not). I canceled the appointment and ordered the new phone (and my daughter's new iPad which was to be a birthday present) online instead. 1-2 week wait on the rose gold phone; iPad should show up early next week.

While in Burlington, I stopped at the Kohl's. They had left a security tag (on a sale item, no less) at the Nashua store when I went shopping on Monday evening between dinner and book group. They removed the security tag. So, not a total loss. Also, since my route took me past Whole Foods, I attempted to buy a vegan scone of the day (all gone) and succeeded in buying a vegan chocolate cake for my kids' birthday party (one kid guest and I both are allergic to milk products). Almost a win, right there. I have to go back to Burlington tomorrow for the Wegman's sheet cake.

Buried in the WTFery of the Boehner resignation and the Pope's visit is this gem:


Apparently, Putin would like to no longer be the person assigned the blame for all those migrants pouring out of Syria and to wherever anyone will let them go.

"Mr. Putin was not just eager for a meeting, said Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary, but in fact “desperate” for one."

I'm not optimistic about this, because I think Putin is just sick and tired of being ignored and blamed and is attempting to once again Be A Player. He's like one of those recurring story arcs in an evening drama that you start to dread, and think about giving up watching the show over, because he isn't all that plausible as a serial killer or whatever and he's lost any appeal he may have once had and the writers have a tendency to use stressful music and have things jump out at the main characters just to get a rise out of the audience, usually for sweeps week.

We're off to the Xfinity Center tonight! I've never been there, and I haven't been to a big venue music show in so long I don't remember what the last one was. Hopefully the kids won't be too awful to the sitters. Not sure where we're going to dinner; I should probably figure that out next.

I do not recall whether I mentioned the BEA revision to the 2nd quarter GDP: 3.9% annual growth. Kind of amazing! And it matches my sense of the economy: help wanted signs everywhere, you have to wait in line interminably if you are foolish enough to go in person to a store, and when you finally get help, the person is too frazzled to be able to help much because they're already looking at the next person who wants their attention (even at Nordstrom's!) and they are mostly out of stock anyway (which honestly, seem a little weird when it comes to girls sneakers in the middle of September. Why would they be out of stock _then_, unless they under-ordered for Back to School?).

If you think traffic is bad now, look out. It should get unbelievably awful over the next 6-18 months. At least work won't be boring! (<-- SorryNotSorry)
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