walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Technology That Makes Sense in Context

So, a self-identified "car guy" wanted to chat about my car today when I was headed to the framers with pictures. This is a perfectly enjoyable way for me to waste time so we talked for awhile. Among other things, he described a Tesla robot charger, that he described -- repeatedly -- as creepy looking/acting. Here is LiveScience's description:


Now, when I heard about it (and again after reading about it), I _immediately_ thought of a few occasions when I yelled at my husband for borrowing my car, running an errand and then _not_ plugging it into the charger overnight, leaving me in the morning with the half or less charge on a day when I intended to run errands. In practice, it has never mattered because range anxiety is exactly that: anxiety, not necessarily based in probable outcomes, but the most negative possible outcomes.

And while it may strike some people as "creepy", it mostly strikes me as an awesome way to avoid an entire category of Oh Goddess How Could I Be That Stupid errors, as well as preventing the above mentioned marital argument.
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