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Decluttering Slowly Grinds to a Start

Last night we had friends over who -- and this is key -- have a child significantly younger than ours. Wooooot! So, in addition to having a great bottle of wine, good beer, burgers, apps and sides, and wonderful, low key adult convo, their beautiful daughter loved the Cozy Coupe that neither of my kids can fit into any more. Cozy Coupe went home in the capacious back of their Volvo (that is a really cool car). (Even better, R. is gonna get a smaller Moka out of the deal, that they aren't using anyway. His makes about 4 cups which is way too many. While this is a one in, one out, a Moka is way smaller than a Cozy Coupe.)

I went through the backlog of snow boots and other shoes in the upstairs hall closet and found the too small ones to put into a bag for our friends the B.'s. I also went through my sock and underwear drawer last night while attempting to convince my poor friend R. that politics is worth paying detailed attention to (I doubt I convinced her, because honestly, it's a weak proposition. Politics _benefits_ from wider, thoughtful engagement, but individually, it's not really a win -- there are way more fun, useful and important uses for most people's time).

This morning, I picked up a paper copy of _Cellist of Sarajevo_, which I was unable to renew as an ebook, and I still haven't read it and book group is tonight (so really, I need to stop procrastinating any minute now). They don't have it here in town, but the catalog said it was on the shelf at Concord, so I went over there after the van picked up A. After that, I went to the Admin building to give Comm Ed some money for the nature walks. I missed last Thursday's, but I would have missed it anyway because of the way my schedule went last week. It'll be nice to hang out with T. and the gang again.

While I was at the Admin building, I attempted to find out whether I could donate some scooters (kick scooters) to the preschool, but I'm apparently going to have to email the head of the program to get a definitive answer on that question. If they don't want them, I'm not sure what I'll do next, because the sporting goods consignment place in Littleton is closed.
Tags: daily activities, decluttering
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