walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

T.'s summer vacation

Recently, T. brought home a printed piece of paper from school. The aides or teacher took down what he told them about his summer vacation. Here it is:

"9/3/15 My School Vacation

First, on 8/15/15 I went camping in East Falmouth on Cape Cod. Before we went, we picked up an RV trailer. We packed the trailor [sic], we looked at the stovetop, oven, bathroom, and beds. Then we went to the cape we visited family while we were there we went to the pool we rode bokes we went out to eat at oysters to [sic] we did not go to the beach and we did not go to the lake my favorite part was riding my bike"

Technically, it wasn't a trailor; it had a cab. Also, the name of the restaurant -- which is an excellent restaurant and we ate there the day we arrived and also got takeout later -- is Oysters Too. Should you find yourself in Falmouth, I highly recommend this restaurant, altho not _quite_ as highly as I recommend C Salt Bar & Grille.

T. does a great job talking about recent events and things he has heard people say, altho he has apparently inherited my tendency to talk way too fast and include details that a better story teller might have omitted. I'm very happy that his communication skills enable him to participate in this kind of school work. Maybe he, too, will blog when he gets a little older!
Tags: daily activities, parenting
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