walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: sick kid, playground too hot, gymnastics

A. didn't want to go to school today, and after seeing the email I got from the resource room teacher yesterday, I went, meh, why make her. She'll make everyone else miserable and you never know, she may someday catch a clue and realize they're all unhappy and then she might not want to go back. Also, I woke up with enough PND to not really feel like doing anything either. Why make her do something I wouldn't want to do?

I probably should have sent her in, because about an hour ago, she was asking to go play on the rope swing (no, no you do not get to play on the rope swing when you are home sick). Otherwise, she's been mostly just asking for toast and watching Dora the Explorer and similar. I dragged her out of the house to pick up her brother and take him to gymnastics. If I wait for the bus to deliver him home, there isn't enough time some days to get him there; if I pick him up there's an inconvenient gap between when we arrive and when the lesson starts. *shrug* So I figured, go to the playground at Nara. Alas, it was mid 80s, no shade and the playground was hot. Also, T. needed the bathroom and they've closed the bathroom at the park for the season. *sigh* Why? Why? Portapotty had "bees" (probably a wasp nest and I don't need another wasp sting to deal with), so we wound up heading over to gymnastics anyway to use the loo. Fortunately, we made it in time.

Lots of stupid arguments with A. about who was going to buckle her up and whether or not T. had to play with her at the playground and so forth, so I think I was right to keep her home. She just wants to argue about everything.

I did get estimated taxes out yesterday, so the next item up is reading the book group selection and after that I probably should finish up 2014 taxes. But not today.
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