walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Sunday morning

Lately, I've been doing some decluttering. I feel sort of bad about this because of course when one is Done With Something it's hard to see its appeal to someone else. Many bags of A.'s clothing went home with the people who came over for the play date, and I commented on how I felt sort of bad about this (really, 3 full size trash bags. And I'm not even through going through the clothes she is growing out of, just the closet and about half the dresser). M. looked at me like I had completely stepped out of the realm of sanity (and she would know -- she's a trained professional), because of course these are bags full of pink clothing in the sizes that her daughter will shortly be wearing. Sure, some are kinda worn, but a lot of them aren't and we both shop consignment part of the time so we have a decent idea of the resale value of this stuff.

I still have more to do; A.'s socks and underwear drawer is really full and yet it is hard to find what you need in it, a sure sign that the older socks need to be removed.

Last night, in a fit of Let's Just Finish This, All Right? I stayed up until midnight, when a crucial deadline in scheduling would occur. I had even pre-planned for this, and worked out with T. exactly what we wanted to do and when so I could Just Implement. Alas, the legacy systems underlying the beautiful Web 2.0/mobile interface are a little iffy on fencepost stuff, so I couldn't actually do the early check-in even tho one of the systems thought I could, the other one that actually had to do the check-in gave me an error. I have _never_ been this prepared this far in advance for a trip before in my entire life. It's a little weird.

Next up is estimated taxes, book group and then I should see if I really do have all the paperwork to finish filing for 2014. Yay. Not.

Today's schedule includes: a phone call with K.!!! And hopefully this evening, a phone call with I. Lunch with T. at Applebee's, unless he decides to change it up (unlikely) and take him to the horse. I actually got A. to wear T.'s old riding pants, which makes two activities in a row that she was suitably attired for (I found a gymnastics/dance thing in the closet and thought, hey, that doesn't look too huge any more and it fit for her Saturday gymnastics class). Hopefully, I can convince them to take baths tonight. That would be nice.

The high today is forecast to be around 70, and it isn't even particularly humid. It's a lovely, cloudy, cool fall day in New England. I sure hope it's the beginning of a trend. Fall in New England is the Best Season Ever.
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