walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: gymnastics, lunch, lots of phone calls

I'm used to being able to make a phone call and figure out a way to pay for someone else but have the result attached to that person's account. So, for example, it's pretty easy to, say, buy someone else tickets to Universal Studios, or WDW. I have utterly failed, however, to figure out a way to pay for someone else's National Car Rental. I'm not sure any of the possible work arounds (which I wouldn't do anyway -- like attach my credit card to their Emerald account) would even get it done. I've rented a car for someone else and paid for it before (through Enterprise, and I believe National and Enterprise are owned by the same parent or one owns the other or some damn thing), but it seems completely impossible in this scenario (well, other than hand them the money before or after the fact to pay for it, which is what's likely the solution).

A. went to gymnastics. R. took her because I was not feeling in any way like being any distance more than a few yards from the bathroom. Ah, perimenopause. Yuck.

Not a lot of excitement otherwise: just a lot of churning through the to-do list. I ordered Halloween costumes from The Disney Store. T. is going to be Thor (he liked the hammer). A. is going to be Doc McStuffins, vet doctor edition. I took this occasion to go through the dress up closet and remove all costumes smaller than a 7/8 (bye-bye 6X! You've been hanging around here for years, but it is finally Over and time to move on). There's still a knight, fire fighter, police officer and Aurora princess dress in the closet, but it no longer has a bunch of other fire fighters, pirate, additional princesses, etc. in it. Amazing the difference. The cupcake costume needs to have its hoop straightened out.
Tags: daily activities, decluttering
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