walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

missed reviews

I'm trying to catch up and I keep realizing I missed stuff.

_Wicked_ by Gregory Maguire. Did a nice job incorporating from more than JUST the movie and the first book BUT smeared all over the bright and shiny Oz universe. Not cool, dude. What's up with the Irish thing, anyway?

_Command Decision_ by Elizabeth Moon. Yet another Vatta's War entry. Very readable. Mother Jones has an article about hellish schools that parents send kids with problems off to -- sometimes serious problems, sometimes not so serious. This is the clearest indication yet that Moon has had some kind of run in with these kinds of schools. The Familias Regnant had a bunch of Spoiled Rich Kids who had some kind of creepy school background. The Suiza stuff took it to a whole new level. But _Command Decision_ shows some of those kinds of kids grown up and continuing to not-quite-confront what was done to them in all sorts of interesting ways. Kinda cool. I'm liking where Moon is headed with this, especially when I think back to the Paks books. *shudder* Yes, great fantasy. OMG she beat the crap out of Paks. Repeatedly.

_Undead and Uneasy_ by MaryJanice Davidson. Resolves a lot of stuff. Wedding nuttiness. I read it while I was dealing with being a matron of honor. I should probably reread it; I seem to have blocked large chunks out.

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