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Coverage of Hungary and the Syrians who want to go to Germany

It is an AP story, so you can find it many places. Here it is at NYT:


Many quotes from Gergely Kovacs, a comedian.

""The government says they don't want immigrants here and they can't take our jobs away," said satirist Gergely Kovacs, a 35-year-old graphic designer. "But the truth is that nobody wants to come here. Every immigrant would spend just three days here if we kept the borders open. There's no need to hate them because they're leaving as quickly as possible.""

and on a billboard:

""Come to Hungary," the billboard advises asylum seekers. "We've got jobs in London!""

(Slightly complicated joke pointing out all the Hungarians that went elsewhere in the EU for better jobs, a behavior the remaining Hungarians are finding so objectionable in the Syrians.)

"Kovacs, the satirist, says he has a better idea: Build an overpass above Hungary "so immigrants could just walk right over us in the clouds. We wouldn't have to see them, and they wouldn't have to see us.""

I've had a number of opinions about all of this (in particular, some of the debate about migrant vs. refugee or asylum seeker, in which the terminology has significance for decision making about who stays and who is returned home, really rankles, when I think about many of my immigrant ancestors, who I am fairly certain would have objected to being considered refugees -- altho you never know, maybe they would have adopted the term in a hurry if they thought it would help them accomplish their goals), but in the end, I think I will settle on this opinion: the next time someone tries to tell you this-or-that about "Europe" and how they are somehow better than the US in their treatment of somebody-or-other, well, not so different in the end, amirite?

ETA: Looks like Germany isn't good enough for some of them.


Where will they go if they decide the Scandinavian countries aren't good enough for them?
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