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Today's Activities Include: Gymnastics, Hornets in Basement (not our house)

A. starts her new gymnastics class today with friends (twins) she knew in preschool and this past summer school. I am looking forward to getting to see the twins' mother every Saturday for a half hour chat; she's smart and funny and pleasant to talk to (we had a playdate, and I took A. to her twins' birthday party a year or so ago).

Also, R. and T. are headed up to Mayberry where we used to live. Hornets have set up housekeeping in the basement. Who ever heard of that? The property manager didn't find out until yesterday afternoon and was unable to find a terminator to come out on short notice.

Also, I got a notice from Belvilla/Homeaway that I'm getting the security/cleaning deposit back on the house we rented. Apparently, the mess we left was within expectations.

ETA: Also:

I did some cleanup in my closet -- it was a bit of a disaster after a couple rounds of packing and unpacking.

I've started Duolingo again; I don't think I used it a single time while I was overseas, thus breaking my streak. And I find that that doesn't bother me the tiniest little bit.

I'm making blondies.

Still lots and lots of stuff to catch up on around here.

ETAYA: Gymnastics went really well and I had a fabulously fun convo with the twins' mum. I really look forward to next week. A. paid attention throughout (being in a class with a friend helped them both pay attention, it turns out, which is what we were hoping). We did about 20 minutes of open gym then home for lunch. And she has been beat the rest of the day, not wanting to do anything except hang out and watch Doc McStuffins. Fine by me.
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