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Recent Activities Include: Sadness, laundry, repacking, hanging stuff

No school today, but I am the luckiest parent around: I've got two child care providers who work for schools in the area (in special ed, no less!) and they usually like having work on school holidays. Woot! Kids are gone and happy, and it is gloriously quiet around here.

I got some sad news that a friend I've known since college died recently and unexpectedly. He was only a year older than me, and I hadn't seen him on the most recent trip to Seattle because, well, schedules. And now I won't see him again. It seems impossible that this can be true, he was less than a year older than me, and yet it is. I know that this will always happen, when you have a wide and far-flung circle of people you care about and think of fondly, and it is a major reason for traveling. I'm a regret minimizer, and this is really one of the biggest regrets I have right now, is that we had fallen out of touch and not reconnected.

I know his family has support, and I know people will love and care for them, but I ache that they are suffering this loss; he was a very good man in every way: funny, a great cook, a hard worker, thoughtful and kind. He will live on in a lot of memories.

The laundry is nearly caught up on. I've been moving stuff along the way to go out to the Middle Class Guilt Reduction Station. I've repacked depleted items from my carry-on bag (tea, soap, etc.). We won't be traveling this month, but we will travel again some day and it is nice to be ready ahead of time, at least with that bag because it has so many small and forgettable items that are annoying to have to re-buy on vacation (and since a lot of it is scent free product that I have laboriously identified and buy online, not always easy to replace with a run to the drugstore).

There are a variety of minor items (plaster fun time product, keychains from Efteling, Canobie Park, etc.) to hang on the wall but I was low on hangars and nails. So I went digging through my tool chest and in a lower drawer found an old organizer full of screws, thumb tacks, etc. that included a few hangars. Woot! I hadn't opened it in maybe a decade (it was something that sat in storage for a while after I moved out here the first time and didn't catch up with me until R. moved into my condo a few years ago, triggering the giant declutter and reorganization project that ended in 2013), but it just saved me a trip to the hardware store (which I will likely still do later today, but _after_ hanging some of the items and thus clearing off counter space).

You know, boring household crap that I have been needing to do for weeks, except I wasn't here to do it.
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