walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: last coffee visit, swimming at De Kuilart, ordering bikes

We had our last visit with A. today, which is sad, but we got to look at pictures on her iPad of her sister-in-law (who I met in 2002) and nieces and get a bunch of names and so forth for the family tree. Who knows, maybe I can make FB friends with some of my second cousins!

After, we stopped at McD's for lunch, then headed back for a relaxing afternoon. A. and I walked over to figure out how the pool worked (day pass for 4 E each; we went but the boys did not) and also stopped at De Kuilart reception to order bicycles. We couldn't get them same-day (they are brought in by trailer in the morning) and we were up against a two day minimum (should have planned further ahead, I guess?), but we ordered an aanhangfiets, a women's bike, a men's bike and a boy's bike.

The pool is clean, but a little too deep for A. to reach the bottom and it is the same depth all the way through. She was uninterested in the slide, but I did convince her to swim back and forth from the ladder to me, and then she played in the wading pool for a while. She didn't want to leave -- I had to tell her the pool was about to close to get her out (it was true!).
Tags: daily activities, trip report
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