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Today's Activities Include: Ameland, lunch at Nescafe, taxi vs. bringing the car

We picked A. (not mine) up and drove from her place to the ferry at Holwerd. We _should_ have dropped her off near the building, but instead we walked with her from the car, which turned out to be more of a walk than was necessarily a good idea.

Had we planned ahead, we could have brought the car on the ferry (it would have been about 45 Euros); instead, we planned on getting bicycles on the other side for the boys (A.'s son P.-J. joined us in Holwerd) and the girls getting a taxi into the little town of Nes. I had not reserved bicycles, which could have been a problem, as it was a sunny Saturday, but it was end of season so it turned out okay.

We set up at a table at, for real, NesCafe. My Dutch teacher says that all restaurants in the Netherlands serve chicken satay (I wonder if McD's does? I should have checked), so I immediately looked for their version, which turned out to be "malse", which means tender, but we had fun figuring out how to explain that. The peanut sauce was good, and it was served on not nearly enough spinach. For 3.5 Euros more, you could get a "side" of fries which was practically a meal of its own. We tried to get my daughter to eat a cheese tosti, since it is sort of a grilled cheese, but mostly failed, so my cousin A. helped her out with it, after having an apple pannekoek, which is not exactly like a pancake but looks fantastically yummy and filled with dairy products.

We walked around briefly, but then found a series of benches and ultimately got a taxi. I bought two wonderful photo picture books, one about Ameland from 1900-2010 and one about thatch roofed houses in Friesland (Parels onder riet). Unfortunately, I misplaced them somewhere between one of the benches and the final bench before rushing to get on the 3:30 p.m. ferry. Ah well, maybe I'll order them. I sent email to the taxi company and P.J. called them but they say they looked and can't find them. If this and the whale are all we lose on this trip then I will count us lucky.

The boys just barely made it to Ballum, had an ijs and then turned around and beat feet (or pedals) to make it to the ferry. They knew I'd be mad if they missed it! By the time we got A. back to Heerenveen, we were all pretty tired, but we did not wear her out as much as last time when we went to the zoo.

We're going to have coffee with her one more time tomorrow, and then one last day and finally our return.
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