walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: actual rain, sort of, few people, last day in the park

More rides -- we got to do Flying Dutchman today (along with Carnaval Festival and Villa Volta, these were all rides I did not do on the first trip, and they all have more theming than Just A Coaster). A. and I really liked it.

It was raining, so the lines were short. But it was also kind of cold and miserable. We didn't last very long either, in part because A. slipped while running down the ramp from Swiss Bob. We got her one of the little carriages (I got one the first day, but not days 2 and 3), because we didn't feel like piggybacking her all over the place.
She decided she was able to walk after a while.

Alas, we lost her little pink whale toy while at the pool; R. had it in his pocket for safe keeping. *sigh* I wore my goggles, but we couldn't find it, so probably someone else found it and kept it. We didn't have it long; it was a present from my sister on our Cape trip, but it was just a little pool toy so I can probably replace it.

We packed up tonight so we can leave in the morning to drive up to see A. (my dad's cousin who our A. is named for). It will be sad leaving Bosrijk, but really looking forward to family and Fryslan.
Tags: daily activities, trip report
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