walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: More Rides, More Pool, Pizza

We've made it out to Albert Heijn in Kaatsheuvel, so we have more food in the fridge than we brought with us (yay! Also, Mandarin oranges!!!). We have also tried ordering pizza, which we did not do on our first trip. They are able to produce a pepperoni and mushroom pizza without cheese for R. and I, and a small cheese pizza for T., as well as a giant "Mega American" chocolate chip cookie (what people in Europe think of us, apparently) and a very small chocolate cake with molten center.

The lines aren't too long at Efteling (probably because the weather has been a bit sketchy). The pool works really well this time around, because T. doesn't need to wear water wings (he's a much better swimmer now than 2 years ago). Alas, A. wants to dive under water and the wings she is required to wear do not allow that so she is annoyed.

Oh, and I've had cervelaat. As good as I remember. Also, I wish someone over on this side of the pond could produce brown bread like what I get in NL -- fluffy and still whole and/or multi grain. It is amazing stuff, and even has a real crust. I have no idea what they are doing, but it is great.
Tags: trip report
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