walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

That Whole Library Ebook Checkout Thing Got Much Better

I don't really like to buy the book group selections, because I so rarely actually like them and thus am unlikely to ever reread them. In order of preference, I'd most like to get them at the previous month's book group discussion, or my home library in town, or super cheap on Amazon used books. I went over to my home library's webpage and was distressed to note that while there were a bunch of copies in the Minuteman Library system, there didn't seem to be one at my town library (never mind it currently being available), which implied a request and wait cycle. But wait! It is available as an ebook, so let's try pressing that button. It says I got it! Now what? Aha, "Get" as a kindle. That sent me to Amazon, where I am perpetually logged in, so it was one more click and then turn off airplane mode on my kindle and boom, satisfaction.


Libraries are Awesome.
Tags: e-book coverage

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