walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

_Agnes and the Hitman_, Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer

People have mixed feelings about Crusie/Mayer (for that matter, they have mixed feelings about this whole Crusie+collaborator(s) thing). I took these concerns seriously enough to get _Don't Look Down_ from the library (IIRC) and then enjoyed it enormously (especially the whole Wonder Woman doll theme). When I recently noticed their new effort was out, I snapped it up new on Amazon without hesitation.

Crusie/Mayer collaborations can be thought of as mashups: mix part screwball romantic comedy (with lots of food and alcohol and insane extended family, and I don't mean that in a good way), part action adventure add more adjectives someone who reads this genre a lot more than I do. On the good side, this gives Crusie's insane characters some real world stuff to have conflict with, thus saving them from obsessing endlessly about past, current and ongoing relationships (and not just the ones involving sex). The obsessing is frequently -- and often entertainingly -- interrupted by gunfire, explosions, bomb shelters, basements, etc. I can't speak to what Mayer gets out of the deal; probably a lot of additional humor and a way out of the angsty loneliness that tends to characterize that other genre I don't read much.

A couple of comments: Wow -- that bridge showed up _again_. What is up with that bridge? Should I worry about it? And can we have another book about Carpenter? Yeah, I know Crusie isn't that kind of writer, but I _really_ liked Carpenter.

It is a little jolting to have a body count in this kind of book. There's plenty of precedent (on screen, _Arsenic and Old Lace_, for example), nevertheless, ya gotta wonder about Garth formerly known as Three Wheels losing a grandfather and a cousin. OTOH, he got new clothes, indoor plumbing, a whole lot of food, probably gets to stay in school and has a girlfriend. And he didn't much like the cousin, or, probably the grandfather. *shrug*

This book is quite crazy, but very, very, very hard to put down. Be forewarned.
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