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Daily Activities Include: We Tour Cape Cod Beer and Return Home

Today, we decided to do a tour we haven't done before, of Cape Cod Beer. It is very close to Cape Cod Potato Chips and if you timed it right, you could easily do both before lunch. There is only one tour a day, and basically you stand around in a herd and listen to an hour long, highly informative history of this craft brewery and brewery politics and so forth. Yes, PacNW friends -- they are buying their hops from the PacNW. I tasted the red (yummy) and the IPA (at the light end of PacNW hoppiness range for an IPA, so actually really good). These are the first beers I've had in New England that taste at all like the beers I miss from Seattle. Did the tour guide get a slam in at Sam Adams? Yes, yes, she did -- she commented that their Oktoberfest is released August 1.

My sister bought a book. My niece bought some rock candy. They were selling all kinds of glassware merch, including the mason jar with a handle that is rapidly becoming the go-to trendy glassware to serve cocktails in at restaurants around here (I know, weird, right?). I bought a visor, because that is what I do these days (I have this theory that my hair never gets light in the summer any more because it is always under a cap, and I'm trying visors in an effort to correct that).

We went to Not Your Average Joe's at Cape Cod Mall after, and it was not insanely crowded, because it was only cloudy, not raining. As usual, Joe's is slow (I have no idea why they are so slow. It's odd. They can't even get the hoodsie cups out quickly) and tasty. And loud. R. tried the asian bbq pork sandwich, which I got a couple tastes of -- very good, worth repeating. I got the lettuce wraps, which is what I'm usually getting there currently.

Once back, we packed up while A. and her cousins and my sister hung out at the office for the good wifi. My mother-in-law left around 2:30 (she watched T. while the rest of us went to the brewery) and was settled in to her next destination by the time we left a little after 4:30. I was home a little before 7; R. was back a little after.

The RV gets about 7 mph. The Odyssey did a little under 20, when loaded.

We were unloaded and the kids down by 9 p.m. We're still doing laundry (we had to bring our own linens and that takes a while to get through).

Unclear what we are doing next year. The nieces want a place where the hot water is less unreliable. My sister and I really liked how good this place was for letting the kids wander around on bikes unaccompanied (they really enforce the speed limit in the campground). The pool was clean, and I really liked having a pool after several years swimming in an inlet with an unpredictable amount of jelly fish in it.
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