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Today's Activities Include: We Go to the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory Tour

We did this last year, but we did it as a rainy day activity and everyone else did it as a rainy day activity and the line was insane and somewhat miserable. Big change this time! We got there early, no line (even got to use the bathroom). A. was happy to have at least some of the signs read to her. R. took T. to the bike trail with his mom/T.'s grandma, so there was that much less chaos. It's a short outing by nature, because it's just a self-guided walk down a hallway, reading signs and looking through windows into the factory, ending in a gift shop where you get some BBQ free samples.

We got done so early that lunch was problematic, because it wasn't even 10:30 yet, but since B. had a gas card he could use at the Shell (and they don't have a Shell near them), we had a full tank and drove around randomly for a bit. As a result, I noticed the Whole Foods and got vegan scones and vegan (and non-vegan) chocolate chip cookies. I also noticed a TD Bank and got some cash. By that time, it was almost 11 a.m., so we went to a 99 for lunch. Ah, New England. The Red Sox won last night, so the kids ate free.

In the evening, R. and I had a reservation for 2 at C Salt. We had raw oysters (with a teeny tiny bottle of Tabasco, along with the obligatory mignonette, cocktail sauce and lemon), a meringue and berry dessert that was better than the very similar dessert I had at Craigie on Main not too long ago, an unbelievably wonderful tuna tostada and a few other small plates. I had an old-fashioned, and then a sazerac (which tells you that (a) the old-fashioned was good, but not that good, (b) they knew how to make a sazerac and (c) the most exciting wine on the wine list wasn't exciting enough to beat out the bar options). I think R. had a port as well, at the end.

We look forward to returning to C Salt next year, and sort of wish it was close enough to go to more often. Should you find yourself in driving distance of Falmouth in the evening, you should go, altho you should plan further in advance because they've gotten even busier. I believe they take reservations 1 month in advance, but it might have been two.
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