walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: We Rent an RV and Drive to Cape Cod

I had to stop myself from typing "the Cape", because of _course_ no one in New England calls it "Cape Cod" -- it's always "The Cape".

In previous years, we had stayed at Red Jacket Resorts and at a rental house in conjunction with hotel rooms at Green Harbor. This year, we stayed at Cape Cod CampResort in two "glamping" cabins and one RV site with rental RV from CruiseAmerica. T. wanted to go "camping", so this was our compromise between a kid's desire to go "camping" and adult desires to have air conditioning, a full size refrigerator and at least a stovetop (in the event, we had ovens as well, altho we didn't use them much).

I'm not sure why, but the drive in today was really fast compared to previous years. We did get started a little bit earlier, but my theory is that a combination of a slightly later week and the Cape Flyer (train from Boston to the Cape) added up to a much less miserable trip out.

My sister and her family left Virginia insanely early in the morning and stopped very little, so we all arrived in time for dinner out at Oysters Too before it got completely slammed.
Tags: daily activities, trip report
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