walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Did Not Include Bicycling

T. and I were supposed to have an instant repeat of the lovely time we had yesterday on the Bruce Freeman trail. Alas, the weather disagreed. So instead, we sent to Staples, to get what was on the list for A.'s first grade class. Then we went to Trader Joe's (same plaza) to get the peanut dressing that I love so, and I finally broke down and asked where it was (in the refrigerated section. Aha!). Then off to Julie's for lunch.

Other than that, it has been calling to confirm a variety of things I planned over a year ago and which are finally going to happen (soon, very soon!). T. wound up hanging out with the second sitter because A. didn't want to go anywhere and I'm unconvinced she should be allowed out of the house for a while anyway (Miralax has been administered).

I did manage to go for a walk, because the rain unexpectedly took a break around the time my walking partner came over. So that's something.
Tags: daily activities
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