walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: play date at our house, horse, Applebee's

Today's play date was at our house, with T.'s riding partner. These are always very low key and enjoyable. I really like the boy's mom and we always have great conversations.

After that, we went to the horse, where the convo continued, with another mum in the mix as well. I got a walk around the mile block when we came home, then T. and I went to the Hudson Applebee's. After that, I did the 3 mile loop while R. got the kids into the tub.

The kids are having a ton of fun with the roller blades R. got them at Dick's Sporting Goods. He had to go a second time because A.'s pair was two right shoes.

Tomorrow, R. and I are switching cars so that I can take T. (whose summer program ended on Friday, and whose sitter is still out of town) on a bike ride on the Bruce Freeman trail. The van is already loaded up with bikes and ready to go, so I just have to extract the bikes when we get to the trail, and reload the van after. Fingers crossed.
Tags: daily activities, exercise
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