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Daily Activities Include: T. roller skates, locating the nest of flying stingers

Today, my husband and I had lunch at Fishbones. We parked at Byam School, and rode bikes down to the restaurant, had lunch and returned, so I got about 5 miles on the bike today in a shaded, pleasant lane. Fishbones is amazing. I can't believe I only just found out about this restaurant. Really great seafood. I had an oyster po' boy. R. had a lunch special, tuna tips teriyaki on ramen noodles. He had a beer. I had the berry margarita, which was served in a very cute mason jar.

I ran a couple errands, and R. took T. to Dick's Sporting Goods to pick up roller skates and safety equipment for the kids. They had encountered roller skates at last night's play date, and wanted their own. T. asked me to blog that he had his first day roller skating. R. says he did really well.

Last night, we had a little disaster involving T. walking on rocks, disturbing a nest of something that stings, and then coming into the house with the stinging evil still on him (just the one). We think it was bumble bees, but now R. is wondering if it could have been "ground hornets". *shrug* NOT yellow jackets and not wasps -- I know those two and these weren't. They fly really slow, for one thing. Anyway, T. knew right where the nest was, raising the twin questions: dude, why'd ya keep playing there and why did you NOT tell us? Once T. pointed out the rock, I stood there and waited for bees to appear so I could find the entrance, then pointed that out to R. who got out the Foaming Death and deployed it. We're still waiting for a call back from a bee guy we've used before; there's a wasp nest up in the eaves I'd like dealt with.

ETA: 4 miles walking, 5 miles on the bike. I really need to do more on the bike, because it hurts less. :l
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