walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

In Which We Visit El Huipil

We like El Huipil, and their ac is more than adequate. So we went there for dinner since we had two sitters. They have recently gotten a liquor license.

Watch out for those margaritas. At some point, Maynard's Board of Selectmen is gonna crack down on them, in much the same way they put Daniela's out of business here in Acton. In the meantime, think of their margaritas as effectively a triple or stronger.

Tasty food as always. I had the veggie burritos and they were yum. As a result of the margaritas, by the time I left my lips and toes were numb. But before the alcohol rendered my tastebuds completely indifferent to what I was consuming, I really enjoyed the guacamole.

ETA: I made some phone calls after El Huipil and its powerful margarita. The margarita made the phone calls sooooo much easier.
Tags: daily activities, restaurants
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