walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Funny observations about languages

And by "funny", I mean they made me laugh. You will scratch your head and go, whatever.

The word for Saturday in Spanish is "sábado". It's like they're all Adventists or something.

The word for "month" in Spanish is "mes". The word for "knife" in Dutch is "mes". Make of that what you will. But you could definitely imagine some issues Back in the Day when the Spaniards had control of the Netherlands.

ETA: Minor aside, not about language. Watch told me, hey, stand up already. Because I was attempting to convince my daughter to leave with the sitter, I went upstairs and am working at my desk. So, I stood up, used the lever to bring my desk up to standing height, and kept working. Well, I will, after I finish typing this and responding to a text message. Still, kinda cool.
Tags: language learning
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