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Today's Activities Include: Yet Another Teapot, other shopping, AC left off oops

I broke the lid of my purple Le Creuset teapot. :( But it's still available for sale at Amazon! So I ordered a replacement, noticing as I did that I ordered the other one almost exactly 2 years ago (like, to the first week of August) -- after I broke the lid of the previous teapot. Also, a frigoverre container leapt out of a cupboard and suicided on the granite countertops on Sunday. I have real issues with August. I used to absolutely _hate_ August, but since I married my husband in August and had my son in August, it seems wrong to say I Hate August.

Speaking of which, we turned the AC off over night because it went down to the mid 60s. Then we decided not to turn it on on the 3rd floor -- and I forgot to turn it on on the second floor (or I tried and failed -- very possible!) and R. forgot to turn it on on the ground floor, so when I returned from going clothes shopping, it was 77 in the house. Later on, I discovered that for reasons unknown to me, it was set to cool to an unacceptably high number. So I turned it down. Come on, I got solar panels so I could be comfortable and mostly guilt free, without resorting to getting a job so my employer would air condition me.

The other shopping involved a trip to Burlington, the closest place with both a Kohl's and a Lane Bryant (there should be some hashtags here, probably, for being fat, female and middle aged, because I've just labeled myself there, with those two stores). I _used_ to go to Kohl's before book group, and before dinner at You You's, but T. has been coming with me the last few months and there isn't really anything at You You's that he likes, so we've been going other places (Red Arrow, Johnson's Dairy Bar, Chrysanthi's, etc.). And I haven't bought any new clothes for a while. Crappy looking clothes that are starting to lose buttons, develop holes in the seams and generally look like they've been through the wash dozens of times (because they have) are fine if you never leave the house, but I need to look presentable later this month so, Shopping. Once the clothes were in the house, they had to be debagged, detagged, run through the wash, put away, and a bunch of stuff from the closet and dresser had to go into the new bags to go out to the Middle Class Guilt Reduction Station to make space for it. I never used to shop this way until I had kids, and I realized the same basic principle that I used for them (replace almost everything at once, when they move from one size to another, or from one season to another) would drastically reduce the amount I had to think about my own shopping.
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