walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: Canobie Lake

R.'s job had a team building thing today that involved lunch at Canobie Lake and paid tickets for the employees, discounted tickets for fam. Of course we forgot the tickets and vouchers, but the tickets will be good later and we did get the lunch anyway today.

This was our first trip as a family (R. went there once years ago on a DEC outing). The rides are acceptable; theming is weak. Can't speak to the food quality because we were in the catered area and that's not representative of a typical park experience. In its favor, it is less than an hour's drive from our house with ample parking. Against it, theming is weak. Also, the kiddie rides mostly max out at 48" so A. can't ride them, but she isn't really interested in the big rides yet, making her choices a little tricky. But we found plenty to do anyway.

Skip the carousel. It's incredibly loud and very worn looking.

I guess the good news is, it wasn't amazing, so I don't have to kick myself for spending all that time driving up to Northern New Hampshire to go to StoryLand and Santa's Village, when I could have been going to Canobie Lake. Because it is Not the Same. For Seattle resident comparison purposes, this is on a par with Wild Waves, altho with fewer water rides.
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