walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Vox publishes a piece by a woman who cleans/cleaned houses

I like pieces of this sort.


I really enjoyed this book:


Going further back, I liked this, too, altho it isn't about housecleaning:


More apropos was this:


What all of these pieces have in common is that they expose people who, as a group, enjoy the privilege of criticizing the choices and lifestyles of those who have access to fewer resources, to the judgment of those typically on the receiving end of judgment.

That is: poor person gets to say how awful rich people are, for a change.

It's refreshing.

Sort of.

In much the same way that almost every rich-person-critiques-poor-people piece descends inevitably into how they should not shop at the C-store for groceries or smoke cigarettes or buy junk food or whatever, virtually every poor-person-critiques-rich-people piece descends inevitably into how rich people can't get it up any more, and take a lot of prescription drugs and generally spend too much on stupid shit.

It's good to have traffic going both ways on that street, but somehow, I wish there was a corner where I could turn off onto the lane where the conversation sounds more like, hey, look they're just like us! Everybody's got problems, and there's no accounting for tastes.
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