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Today's Activities Include: breakfast and walking with a friend, phone call, play therapist

It was a busy day. After the kids and husband headed out the door, I went up to Groton to have breakfast with a friend at the Main Street Cafe. Then we moseyed over to the rail trail, walked about a mile and a quarter until we got to the bridge that goes over 119, and then turned around and returned. My friend walks faster than me (like nearly everyone except my regular walking partner), and so my Watch was convinced the whole time was exercise, but I mostly noticed that I'd trashed my ankles and some of the joints in my feet and had to be careful on my feet the rest of the day. This did not stop me from taking the rest of my walks (another mile with M., and then a mile and change with M.'s father and their dog, later in the day).

In addition to convos at breakfast and while walking, I had a lovely long phone conversation with my friend J. In the course of the conversation (and this is one of the many, many, many reasons I adore J.), we wound through many topics, including What Do Astronauts Die Of.

Turns out cancer gets a lot of them, including at least two from pancreatitis/pancreatic cancer. That seems like a large number for such a small group of people. Perhaps coincidence. But then again, they were exposed to a lot of radiation while outside the protective blanket of our atmosphere.

The play therapist came by -- we hadn't seen in her a couple weeks and won't see her for another month because she's going to see her mum who lives on a farm in England, if I understood correctly. And so I learned what "landgirls" were (knew the idea -- a girl sent out to the country during the blitz, and who worked on a farm). And who knew that not only were German POWs billeted in the countryside, but they worked there as farm labor and some moved there after the war. Go figure. We spent time in the playroom discussing how the play structure (CedarWorks indoor structure) was getting to be not challenging for either of the kids and would shortly need to be retired. When asked what would replace it, I said I wanted my dining room back and A. was consulted on what a dining room needed and in the course of the discussion, she said it needed a hundred people (that would be a helluva party). This led to collecting 100 little critters, lalaloopsy figures, Peppa Pig figures and similar.
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